Funny People

Funny People tries very hard to take three groups of people, and make them all like the same movie. Those who loved Knocked Up, people who like movies, and people who still listen to Adam Sandler’s Lunch Lady Land while driving in their cars. It however did not achieve that goal.

If this doesn't work for the movie, it'd make a great Head and Shoulders ad.

If this doesn't work for the movie, it'd make a great Head and Shoulders ad.

Funny People is about a comedian titan who finds out he has a disease that may kill him. Played very simply by Adam Sandler, he is basically a version of himself. I don’t know Sandler personally but I can only hope he was doing a sadder, more self involved impression of himself. He hires Ira want to be comic to write jokes, be his assistant, and talk to him until he goes to sleep. They embark on a journey together that includes bettering yourself and righting past wrongs.

What this movie succeeds in is showing exactly how difficult it is to be a comedian, and to succeed as one. I know from experience how hard it is to make people laugh, and how devastating it is when nobody does. Funny People illustrates, very well, the intense competition young actors and comedians go through. Somewhere in the second act the movie takes a weird turn. It goes from one movie to a completely different one. I found myself wishing it would veer back to what it was.

The best part about this movie is the cameos. In homage to what it is they went through to get where they are today. Comedic superstars like Sarah Silverman, Dave Attell, George Wallace, Ray Romano, and a rarely seen Paul Reiser. It also had a super surprise cameo which I will not reveal. One of my biggest disappointments was the cameo of Mike Tyson in The Hangover. That really should have been kept a secret for affect.  If there was any reason to see this movie the secret cameo is a good reason.

Ok I find myself extremely conflicted with this movie. Do I hit it for being unorganized? Do I praise it for content??? I’m gonna go in the middle I give Funny People 3 pitchforks.

So it was good, but not good enough?????? I don’t know it left me extremely conflicted. Go see it and judge for yourself.


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