Harry Potter and The Half- Blood Prince (Devil’s Advocates Review)

"I grabbed my spelling book instead of my spell book.  I'll be right back."

"I grabbed my spelling book instead of my spell book. I'll be right back."

Wow…for one, it has been a long time since I’ve tapped the keys for the Devil’s Advocates, and I would like to say it’s a much enjoyed feeling to return to the blog. I missed the challenge, and effort to figure why would you want to, or want not to see the blockbusters for the big screen.

Now before I do the DA review for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, I have to explain that I myself  have never even thought of  flipping a single page in any of the Potter Series books, so there is no way I could ever make the slightest comparsion from book to film. But then this wouldn’t be a “movie” review blog now would it? Seeing that this film has been labeled as  the most anticipated film of the Summer 2009, this would probably give me all the challenge I could ever ask for.

Now getting right to the nitty gritty,  being that this is the sixth installment in the series, you simply can not jump right in and see this film on a stand alone basis in hoping to understand the series itself. If you haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the previous movies there is absolutely no way you would be interested in seeing this film. I understand that idea alone would not deter anyone into not seeing the film. But how about the fact of the nature that it’s on the fourth different director on filming of the sixth film in the series? Each previous director had different styles and different takes on how the series would elude to it’s final conclusion. Whose to say that the films themselves were to have the same type of value if they were under one director? Certain styles and tastes would appeal to certain audiences whom have yet to read the books themselves. Or the fact that the films themselves have been gradually increasing to the length of 3 hours a film? Do you have the patience to watch a 3 hour movie in a theater atmosphere full of young adults?

The only two things I would strongly suggest upon piquing interest into watching the Half- Blood Prince, is one: do your homework on the Potter Series. Do not search out every single detail, just maybe the slight overviews that lead up to the film, which sadly maybe to watch all previous five films. Films that can stretch almost a complete three hours (notice I’m stressing this, as I’m REPEATING myself). Two: prepare for the films themselves to reach these great lengths, because even if you don’t pique an interest in the first 2 films, your tone may change when the series changes itself. And know that it may take a lot patience to sit through a movie that will have a majority of adolescence and young adult themes.

As great of a film much anticipated as this one, if you don’t have the interest or patience to at least watch the previous films, I fear that the Half- Blood Prince may not to be the film for you, which would be sad, because it has been a wonderful movie ride thus far.

As the Devil’s Advocate, I give this film 2 out of 5 Pitchforks. If Harry Potter hasn’t gained your interest by now, there’s not much you can do to enjoy the rest of the remaining series.

But in reality those who have read the series or watched all of the films, and who know that even though some key points don’t transfer over to film, still will have every interest in watching the Half- Blood Prince. Which in all honesty is a 4 out of 5 Pitchforks.


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