Green Lantern Has Its Hero (Mad As Hell Op-Ed)

Alex Ross' Green Lantern

Well it’s all official Marvel’s sweetheart Ryan Reynolds, is playing both sides of the fence. With rumors like Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake, it turns out they were all wrong. Ryan Reynolds will be the Green Lantern. I for one am stoked. I dig Reynolds; he was most likely the best part of Blade 3. Well besides Jessica Biel in tight spandex…nothing beats that. This announcement gets us one step closer to a movie about one of the coolest, and most overlooked super heroes.

A quick note to all those fanboys upset about this. Put a sock in it. It’s gonna rock the party. It does lead me to wonder about the fate of Reynolds pet project Deadpool. I’m not entirely convinced that Marvel is going to dig their new golden boy working across the street for DC. It’s like a classic Macy’s/Gimbles deal. I’ll keep you updated as the awesomeness unfolds.


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  1. Mike Pampinella

    It is a slight coincidence that the Green Lantern actor is named this week, when the big Green Lantern event, Blackest Night, starts tomorrow. Now everyone has green on the brain.

    DC and Warner Brothers are pretty smart, eh?

  2. Spencer Diedrick

    At the risk of being dismissed as a “fanboy”, don’t you think Ryan Reynolds will make this film a little too comedic? Wasn’t this the character who discussed social injustice with Green Arrow in a landmark series? Wasn’t this also the character who becomes evil (later retconned to being possessed by an evil parasite) and must be killed or else he’d destroy the universe? Do you think Reynolds can handle that, Deadpool, AND being married to Scarlett Johansson? We’ll see.

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