Year One

Year One follows two misfit friends as they stumble their way through the Old Testament. The two friends played by Jack Black and Michael Cera are banished from their village after one of them eats from the Tree Of Knowledge Of Good and Evil. From there they make their way through the ancient world and run into a few familiar faces from the Bible, ending up in Sodom and Gomorrah to rescue two women from their village who have been captured and enslaved.

This is probably one of the most unfunny comedies I have seen in a long time. I am still trying to figure out how they messed this one up. The cast is an ensemble of funny people. It was directed  and written by Harold Ramis and produced by Judd Apatow, who separately have been responsible for some of the funniest movies ever. I guess everyone’s allowed to screw up every now and then.   And, this is one of those screw ups.

It looked like everyone in it was too busy improvising and forgot that there was a script. Or, that there was supposed to be a script involved. The premise is funny. Monty Python did Life Of Brian along the same lines and that was a great comedy.  This just couldn’t hold it together.

"Harold wants us to do something but I can't figure it out. funny."

"Harold wants us to do something but I can't figure it out. funny."

Jack Black is a funny actor. He’s come a long way from starring in Airborne back in the day. But, he’s annoying as hell in this. Every line he says is done with that smart-ass look in his eyes which is his default setting. And, at this point I am over Michael Cera. He plays the exact same character in every movie. Enough’s enough. It felt like the character he played in Superbad got caught in a weird, bad movie time warp and popped up in the Bible. He reminds me of a bad Woody Allen at this point. Please, don’t let this boy direct anything.

Year One has one gem in the whole thing; David Cross as Cain. Every time he was on the screen the movie improved. But, the wait between his scenes is boring.

I give Year One one pitchfork out of five. It’s bad. Sex and the City bad.


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  1. Mike Pampinella

    I love David Cross. When I saw he was in this movie, I thought, “Alright, this movie will be good.” I guess even Tobias Funke couldn’t save this trainwreck, huh?

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