Director Spotlight: Match Point

So the fiancee and I sat down the other day & watched Woody Allen’s 2005 flick Match Point.  It’s been years since I saw any of it.  I almost forgot how well Allen can write and direct. I haven’t always been a fan of his work, but here is a prime example of pure quality work.  The opening scene itself using tennis as an analogy for life and as a set-up reference for the end was quite a nice touch.

The movie took a little bit to get going, but after the initial set-up of character backgrounds, it took off.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives a quality performance here as Chris Wilton, a man who lets lust conquer love in this drama.  Scarlett Johansson dazzles as Nola, the object of Wilton’s lust.  I was impressed with Johansson’s range of acting here. The scene where the two finally act on their attraction was beautifully shot.  The supporting cast of Emily Mortimer and Brian Cox played their respective roles well.  The detectives at the end, even though are just mere walk on roles, were great the way they played off each other.
Overall once the film kicks into gear, it’s an enjoyable drama turned murder mystery with an unusual twist at the end.
I give the film 4 out of 5 pitchforks and recommend others to give it a watch even if you aren’t a Woody Allen fan.

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  1. There’s no ground here that Allen hasn’t gone over before, but as a treatment of upper crust mores and, eventually, as a thriller, it’s compulsively watchable and generally well acted. Nice post!

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