Gran Torino DVD (Devil’s Advocate Review)

In the dictionary next to the word crotchety is a picture of Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino character Walt Kowalski. Clint Eastwood returns from his Million Dollar Baby hype to direct and star in what’s rumored to be his last film.  Gran Torino tells the story of a man whose time in this country has passed. Walt Kowalski a veteran of the Korean War, Ford plant worker, and all around mean old man. Walt would like nothing more than to hang out on his front porch, drink beer, and be racist. He then finds himself the hero of the block which now is prominently Chinese Hmong. In an act of heroism he rescues the neighbor boy from gang members. This happens in true old man fashion as he aims a shot gun and growls “get off my lawn”.

Clint got top billing, but who's the real star?

Clint got top billing, but who's the real star?

The overall theme of the movie is people can change. This movie shows through Clint’s performance that you can teach old racist dogs new tricks. While teaching the neighbor boy to be a man, Walt throws away all of his issues and begins to like the kid. Walt goes from Dirty Harry to Dirty Harry lite.

Overall I found the movie to be good. The plot, Clint, the writing, and the cool car (72 Gran Torino) made it a good movie. Why not great you ask? The supporting cast left me wanting a different supporting cast. I can only imagine taking actors and putting them next to Clint Eastwood and expecting them to keep up with him would prove to be a challenge. However it didn’t seem like they were even trying. The dialogue in this movie was stellar; however the delivery of the dialogue was awful. Aside from the supporting cast, watch for yourself. Clint does what Clint does best in this film. The Extras were slim they included two featurettes : Manning the Wheel: The Meaning of Manhood as Reflected in American Car Culture,
and  Gran Torino: More Than a Car. Don’t forget to pay attention to the credits. Yes that is Clint Eastwood singing a rendition of Gran Torino.

In reality I give Gran Torino 3 out 5 pitchforks. I felt it did its job and was enjoyable to watch while eating popcorn.

As the Devil’s Advocate I give it 1 out of 5 in hopes that if Clint Eastwood does another picture he’ll give the casting process a little bit more attention.


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