A Couple of Clarifications

So when time came to do the X-Men Origins: Wolverine review, one of the reviewers asked, “What happens when we disagree on the film?  Does that mean we have to agree that week?”  Well the nature of the blog is to disagree, so in the future (because it’s easier to change at the start than months into the process) if the two reviewers disagree on the film, that week both reviewers will write a “Devil’s Advocate” review.

Also, since we are going with a rating system of 1-5 Pitchforks, so as not to confuse anyone, the Devil’s Advocate reviewer will post both their real rating for the film and their DA rating.

Star Trek is up next.  Should be posted real soon.


About Pamp

Pamp is a lover of great scotch, good films, and bad fiction. When not playing video games or reading comics, he occasionally helps teens figure out "things and stuff". On a good day he does all three at once.

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