X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While it isn’t the pure essence of comic book culture lure, X- Men Origins: Wolverine is certainly a movie that would please most of the garden-variety movie audiences. Whether it’s the avid comic book fan, or a fan that’s entirely new to the genre itself, everyone would get a sense of enjoyment watching this film.

Strong acting performances, coupled with enough action not to strain the storyline, helps this film become enjoyable for wide spread audiences. Supporting characters had strong parts essential to Wolverine’s story.  Look for some of the supporting characters to get possible off- shoots from this film. The actors whom played the characters gave strong performances even will.i.am, who was probably the actor with the least experience on the big screen.

In my opinion, the supporting characters, even though they could not be the main focus of the film or even just a stronger focus, they still had important part to play in Wolverine’s life. Taking any one of the supporting characters out, and the film wouldn’t be nearly as strong a movie. The only real problem, is that there were too many supporting characters.

With the movie running 107 minutes in length, you could say that the filmmakers have given the audience the “Cliff Notes” version of the Wolverine origin, having only covered  the key points of Wolverine’s life. With that, the filmmakers were able to target a larger audience, including a wide range of people who might be interested in watching a film of this ilk, regardless of prior comic book knowledge.  Some details are vague and even a little askew from Marvel’s chronicles of the favored comic book character, but none the less a more enjoyable movie without detailing too much of Wolverine’s time span ( he is ageless you know ). I mean how much can you tell in one movie? Sequel anyone, maybe even trilogy?

It’s a mainline cinema that supports the X- Men franchise not a cult classic movie only targeting loyal fans of the character, allowing everyone to get a modicum of understanding of the Wolverine origin. Starting at the beginning and leading up to the point where he will eventually join the X-Men. Only difference between the two types is that this film can be a stand alone feature.

Focusing on just key points in Wolverine’s story along with a strong supporting cast of characters, makes X-Men Origins: Wolverine a mainline cinema experience everyone will enjoy

I give X-Men Origins: Wolverine 3 out of 5 Pitchforks.


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  1. Hugh (Huge) Jackman must have worked out for years prior to filming this

  2. HBO Firstlook interviewed Hugh and when he was asked how he trained for his physique in the film, he only mentioned that his diet consisted of water and steamed chicken for 3 months. I have trouble eating baked chicken for one night, can’t imagine what that tasted like for 3 months..

  3. Mike Pampinella

    And that my friend is why we don’t look like Hugh Jackman. Hell, I’d settle for having a physique like Hugh Laurie.

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